Who We Are

The Central Appalachian Spruce Restoration Initiative (CASRI) is a partnership of diverse interests with a common goal of restoring historic red spruce-northern hardwood ecosystems across the high elevation landscapes of Central Appalachia.

It is comprised of private, state, federal, and non-governmental organizations which recognize the importance of this ecosystem for its ecological, aesthetic, recreational, economic, and cultural values. The CASRI Vision A red spruce-northern hardwood ecosystem restored across portions of its former range on both public and private lands, with the scale, connectivity, maturity, and other features which will allow it to be fully functioning and sustainable over time. Engaging Public and Private Landowners CASRI works across property boundaries with willing public and private landowners to restore the red spruce-northern hardwood ecosystem. Utilizing GIS models, key areas have been identified based on criteria such as proximity to existing spruce habitat, proximity to public land, high priority stream, cave or karst.

CASRI seeks funding to do restoration projects on these key areas, and works with private landowners to distribute information about the value of red spruce- northern hardwood forests. A major component of management in these areas is the coordination of ecosystem restoration activities across the Central Appalachian landscape. In addition to native plantings, CASRI members participate in various restoration activities including collection, storage, and propagation of native plant materials to be used in future planting efforts. Member organizations also participate in on-the-ground activities such as tree thinning to favor understory red spruce, aquatic passage restoration, road decommissioning and scientific studies aimed at enhancing the red spruce-northern hardwoods ecosystem.

For additional information on the Central Appalachian Spruce Restoration Initiative, or to learn how to be a participant in restoration activities contact: Dave Saville at david.saville12@gmail.com