Flying High!

Scientists work to protect a flying squirrel and its red spruce home.

The new April/May issue of Nature Conservancy magazine has a 10-page feature spread on the West Virginia northern flying squirrel and red spruce forest restoration being done by CASRI!

The magazine also gave the back page to it, with the photographer describing working in the snowy October weather for the story (no online version of this).

Special thanks to Shane Jones, Barb Douglas, Dave Saville, Cordie Diggins, Craig Stihler, Jack Tribble, Andrea Brandon and Donna Mitchell for their active participation, patience in working with our writers and photographer, and support in seeing this story through.  This story does an amazing job at highlighting the importance of our work and places a national spotlight on the conservation successes we’ve had to date.

We could not have done this without the help of all CASRI Partners. A BIG THANK YOU!

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